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Operations Research

Operations research

Teachers: Mario Fedrizzi, Alessandro Zorat


Also called decision science or management science, operations research is a field that emphasizes both technology and management perspectives in solving problems, making decisions, and managing risk and uncertainty in complex systems. It provides a rigorous exposure to deterministic optimization and stochastic modeling, a basic coverage of applications in operations engineering and management information systems, and an in-depth coverage of applications in the selected concentration of limited resources.

The aim of the program is to provide a strong disciplinary background in one of the core areas of research in the department.

The emphasis is on the theoretical foundations, mathematical models, and computational issues in problem solving in the multifaceted field of industrial engineering.

Research activities include multiple-criteria decision making, linear and nonlinear optimization, decision modelling under risk and uncertainty, decision support systems. The models and systems are used in handling complex information inventory control, supply chain management, materials requirements planning, forecasting, project management and financial evaluation of projects in situations of risk and uncertainty.

A degree in engineering, mathematics or related fields is required for admission to the graduate program, together with a solid mathematical background.


Doctoral School in Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering

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