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Zamperlin Nico

Surname: Zamperlin

Name: Nico

Research topic: Development of smart polymer-ceramic composite with piezoelectric behaviour.

Tutors: Prof.ssa Sandra Dirè, Prof. Alessandro Pegoretti, Prof. Marco Fontana


Curriculum Studiorum:

  • Master Degree in Materials and Production Engineering (Curriculum in Bio-related and Functional Materials) at University of Trento.

  • Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering at University of Trento.


Fields of research:

  • Piezoelectric Materials;

  • Low temperature synthesis of doped metal oxides, sol gel synthesis, hydrothermal synthesis;

  • Polymeric, ceramic and polymer-ceramic composites;

  • Biomaterials, functional materials.


Current employment (if any) or main job experiences:

  • PhD Student (2019 – current).

  • Tutor for the course of Properties and Characterization of Materials (A.Y. 2019-2020).

  • Tutor for the course of Chemistry for Environmental Engineering (A.Y. 2017-2018 and 2018-2019).


Future expectations:

  • To continue academic research or to work in research and development in companies.



  • nico.zamperlin [at]