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Shamsfakhr Farhad

Surname: Shamsfakhr

Name: Farhad

Research topic: AI-based estimation and control algorithms for robotics.

Tutor: Prof. Daniele Fontanelli


Curriculum Studiorum:

Since 2019 I have been with the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento, Italy, where I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in mechatronics. My research targets the combination of linear dynamical systems and Bayesian estimation with human and mobile robots control, that yields real time and optimal solutions for localization and navigation. My research interests include learning and inference in linear dynamical systems, real-time estimation, clock synchronization and measurement uncertainty analysis.

I have authored and coauthored several scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings in the field of robotics, measurement and estimation. I also actively engage in different projects in other related research topics including ultra-high radio frequency identification and FMCW radar systems which has caused a close collaboration with  the Department of Information Engineering and the Department of Energy Systems of the University of Pisa.