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Rajaeinajafabi Hossein

Surname: Rajaeinajafabi

Name: Hossein

Research topic: The surface treatment and recycling of brake discs.

Tutors: Prof. Stefano Gialanella, Prof.ssa Cinzia Menapace


Curriculum Studiorum:

  • 2019-Present    

Ph.D. in Material, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering, 35th Cycle, University of Trento.

Supervisors: Prof. S. Gialanella, C. Menapace and Prof. G. Straffelini.


  • 2013-2016   

M.Sc. in Material Science and Engineering, Major in Ceramic, Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), Iran.

Thesis: “The effect of sintering parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of Mullite-WC nanocomposite prepared by SPS”.

Supervisors: Prof. I.Mobasherpour, Prof. M. Farvizi.


  • 2009-2013       

B.Sc. in Material Science and Engineering, Shahrekord University (SKU), Iran.

Thesis: “investigate the properties of Al-based composites reinforced by SiC particles”.

Supervisor: Prof. B. Shayegh


Fields of research:

  • Coating, surface hardening, laser cladding.


Future expectations:

  • Pursue a career in research and development.