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Educational Curriculum

PhD students follow a specific trainig programme and carry on research activity under the supervision of a tutor.

  • Every academic year PhD students must submit a study plan (see the related form  in the box "donwload") which has to be approved by the Doctoral Programme Commitee. 
  • During the first year each PhD student must attend courses corresponding to 12 credits by choosing advanced courses offered by the Doctoral Programme or by the Master degree in Physics or similar Master courses other by similar Doctoral Programmes. The list of courses is reported in the annexe to the Training programme ( in the box "download" or on the page "teaching programme" where you can download the syllabus of the courses).
    Usually the teaching activity ends by the first semester of the second year.  In particular PhD students can attend Master courses in the first semester of the second year.
    If PhD students decide to attend external courses must submit a personalized study plan to the Doctoral Programme Committee for the approval.
  • For every course, PhD students must pass an examination in a form agreed upon with the teacher.

Besides, PhD Students must attend

  • Seminars organised by his/her own Research group
  • Dialogues and Joint Colloquia organized by the Department of Physics also on topics different from the research activity carried out by the PhD students

Students are also encouraged to attend Summer Schools and Conferences, to do internships in Italy or abroad  related to the subjects of their research activity.

  • PhD students can obtain up to 6 credits for the attendance of international Schools upon the authorization by their tutor and by the Docotral School Committee and after passing an exam.
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