Training Programme

The Training Programme, issued every year by the Doctoral Programme Committee, contains all the information relevant for the School.

The complete educational curriculum of each student includes:

  • Advanced courses of general Physics
  • Specialised courses on current research
  • Research activity under the supervision of the tutor appointed by the Doctoral School Committee
  • Attendance at research seminars organized by the Department  of Physics on various subjects.

Besides this the doctoral student is encouraged to:

  • attend Summer Schools, meetings and conferences held in Italy or abroad on subjects relevant for the research activity
  • carry out internships  at national or international institutions.


Courses a.y. 2020-21

The following courses are organized by the Doctoral Programme in Physics for the academic year 2020-21.

  • Advanced Techniques in Experimental Physics (G. Baldi)
  • Optical and Spectroscopic Diagnostic of Materials for Photonics (A. Chiasera)
  • Integrated classical and quantum Photonics (L. Pavesi)
  • Fundamental Interactions (R. Iuppa and G. A. Prodi) - part of the LM course
  • Advanced Interferometry (A. Perreca)
  • Quantum Sensing (A. Quaranta) 
  • Space-based Observation Techniques and Methods (R. Battiston, L. Bruzzone, S. Vitale) 
  • Entanglement in many-body systems: from concepts to algorithms (M. Rizzi)
  • The geometry of quantum algorithms (F. Holweck) 
  • ECT* Doctoral training programme 2021 (up to 6 credits)
  • SISSA (courses to be defined) (3-6 credits)
  • TALENT (up to 6 credits)
The syllabus and the schedule of the courses will be available in the download box.
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