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Doctors 30th Cycle

Surname and Name PhD Thesis Supervisor Year
Cernuto Andrea Dissociative charge transfer of organic molecules induced by collisions with the He+ cation. A joint experimental and theoretical study of relevance for the interstellar medium evolution D. Ascenzi 2017
Chalyan Tatevik   L. Pavesi  
Chinaglia Stefano   M. Rinaldi  
Colzi Giacomo   G. Ferrari  
Dallari Francesco   G. Monaco  
Fava Eleonora   G. Ferrari  
Gatti Nicola   P. Tosi - G. Van Rooij  
Guatieri Francesco   R. S. Brusa  
Larcher Fabrizio   F. Dalfovo  
Lebreuilly Josè Strongly correlated quantum fluids and effective thermalization in non Markovian Driven-dissipative photonic systems I. Carusotto 2017
Melati Alberto   V. Moretti  
Regazzoni Veronica Development of a Gamma-Ray Detector based on Silicon Photomultipliers for Prompt Gamma Imaging and High-Energy Spectroscopy A. Gola 2017
Roilo David Gas transport properties and free volume structure of polymer nanocomposite membranes R. Checchetto 2017
Rosi Tommaso Digital Physics Education. Personal devices, mediated reality, serious gaming S. Oss 2017
Trenti Alessandro   L. Pavesi