Evaluation and admisison to 2nd and 3rd years

The admission to the 2nd year of Doctoral Programme in Physics is conditional on passing the final examinations of the courses. Moreover, the Doctoral Programme Committee must verify that the specific research  goals and training level of the candidate have been achieved. For this purpose the Doctoral Programme Committee reviews the written reports on the candidate's activities presented by the tutor and by the student. The Doctoral School Committee assigns the credits of the year and approves the admission to the 2nd year of Doctoral Programme.

In order to be admitted to the 3rd year, each student must report on the achieved scientific results in a public seminar in front of a Committee appointed by the Executive Committee. The committee gives an evaluation related to the quality of the presentation (with particular attention to the level reached in mastering English language) and to the scientific maturity of the PhD student.
The Doctoral School Committee takes into account the reports presented by the tutor and by PhD student himself and the opinion of the committee and expresses its evaluation approving the admission of the PhD student to the III year.

The tutor has to regularly supervise that the student has been attending the relevant training and research activities, and has to promptly communicate to the Doctoral School Committee any related problem. Upon tutor's advisory, the Doctoral School Committee may check the student's performance at any time.

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