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Transdisciplinary Programme in Space data science and technology


The Programme “Space data science and technology” (SpaDaST) aims at giving Ph.D students in Physics and Engineering a shared background in space sciences and technology, with specific emphasis on data acquisition, processing and instruments, as well as on other fields of relevance for scientific space missions.
The SpaDaST programme leverages on significant research activities, carried out in Trento in several fields of space science and technology, mostly under the umbrella of the Trento Space Center.
These activities contributed to gain expertise in a diverse set of space applications: science data analysis, development of instrumentation for cutting edge missions in multi-messenger astrophysics, planetology and Earth observation.
The Program is open to students of the Doctoral (Ph.D.) Schools/Programmes of Trento University in:
- Physics
- Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
- Materials, Mechatronics and System Engineering (MMSE)
The SpaDaST programme student is required to acquire six extra credits, in addition to the credits requested by the PhD programme in the primary discipline:
- At least 3 credits must be earned by taking a fundamental course listed in the Manifesto degli Studi
- Additional 3 credits must be earned either by courses from PhD or Master programmes in Physics or Computer science or MMSE, of relevance for space sciences; or international schools of relevance for space sciences 
At the end of each year, the SpaDaST programme student presents his/her work in front of a commission
appointed by the panel.


Mandatory courses a.y. 2023-24
Space based observation techniques and methods – proff. Battiston, Bruzzone, Dolesi, Weber (6 crediti) - timetable will be published as soon as possible
Information about other courses offered by the PhD Physics is available at this page.


- Bortoluzzi Daniele (DII)
- Bovolo Francesca (FBK)
- Bruzzone Lorenzo (DISI) – President
- Iuppa Roberto (DF) – Secretary 
- Granelli Fabrizio (DISI)
- Weber William Joseph (DF)

PhD students enrolled in the Transdisciplinary programme

a.a. 2019-2020

Dottorando Tutor Cotutor
Signh Abhishek (ICT) prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. Stefano Vitale
Chen Yuxing (ICT) prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. Stefano Vitale

a.a 2020-2021

Dottorando Tutor Cotutor
Dass Abhinandan prof. Paolo Zuccon prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone
Weikmann Giulio prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. Roberto Battiston

a.a 2021-2022

Dottorando Tutor Cotutor
Chiavegato Vittorio prof. William J. Weber dott.ssa Francesca Bovolo
Lega Alessandro prof. Roberto Iuppa prof. Roberto Passerone
Cortellazzi Marco prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. Roberto Iuppa
Beati Ludovica Maria prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. William J. Weber

a.a 2022-2023

Dottorando Tutor Cotutor Spadast
Nicolaidis Riccardo dott. Francesco Nozzoli prof. Daniele Bortoluzzi
Dal Corso Jordy prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone prof. William J. Weber
Tomasi Matteo prof. Daniele Bortoluzzi prof. William J. Weber
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