Study and research period abroad

PhD Students must spend a research period at an overseas University or Research Institute. Students are reminded that:

  • periods of up to six months must be authorized by the Head of the Course;
  • periods over six months must be authorized by the Doctoral Course Committee;
  • A 50% increase of the Scholarship is granted during the research period abroad;
  • Financial Support for travel expenses may be made available (box download contributo periodo all'estero).

Participation in methodological schools

PhD Students are encouraged to attend methodological advanced training Schools. A contribution for registration fees and travel expenses might be provided if the budget allows (box download iscrizione scuole estive/invernali).

Regulations for secondment

Secondment is governed by University of Trento regulations as well as eventual sponsors.
Extramural activities at schools, conferences and study or research periods abroad must always be authorized by the advisor and Head of Department. 
Authorization and expense claims must be done through the online procedure on the myUnitn page under the section "Gestione trasferte" (travels e-tool).
On receiving the required authorization, the student can proceed to active the request, once again online on the myUnitn page under the section "Gestione trasferte" (travels e-tool).

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