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Doctoral programme
Cognitive Science


The Head of the Course is professor Gianluca Esposito, full professor of developmental and educational psychology; he remains in office for three years, until February 28th 2025.

The Head is responsible for carrying out the following tasks by University regulations, such as:

  • coordinate and organize the training and administrative work of the Research Doctorate;
  • call and chair the Doctoral Committee and implement the relevant resolutions;
  • authorize Doctoral students, personally or through their tutors, to leave university to conduct further research work or internships at partner universities or at other institutions or research centers for periods of less than six months;
  • notify the relevant administration offices of any unjustified absences of the students for the purpose of suspending payment of the grant or expelling the student from the Doctoral Course.
  • prepare a detailed report to submit at the end of every academic year to the University Evaluation Commission on the status of the Doctorate;
  • designate a Vice-Head in the event of impediment.

Doctoral course in Cognitive Science

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