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The doctoral Course

Established from the academic year 2016/2017 and active only until the completion of the career of enrolled phd students.

We aim to give our Phd students  the necessary competences to be able to do high level research at university, public authorities and private subjects, in an autonomous, original, creative and methodological way; this program forms a natural completion of the scientific education obtained with first and second level degrees.

Phd students have to undergo a public selection to be admitted to the university. It is a three year course and includes research and study activities, attendance to courses and seminar cycles which are also held by foreign teachers and sometimes in English. There will also be a study period abroad for at least six months.

The doctoral Course forms students researchers with high competences in specific research sectors and parent sectors helping the development in innovative fields which often requires interdisciplinary knowledge.

The acquired knowledge can be used in the fields of basic and applied research. The main research activities are (for more details go to Education Goals):

Basic research on

  • cognitive procedures
  • mechanisms and learning process
  • communicative competences;

Applied research in the

  • economic field
  • medical field
  • clinical field
  • ergonomic-technological field
  • educational field
  • work and organizational field.

The educational program makes the most of the multi-disciplinary competences of the teaching body involved with the Doctoral students and with the accessibility of the Laboratories of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science; lessons will also be held with the help of foreign teachers and sometimes in English.

The quality and variety of the research activities that are carried out in the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science supports the achievement of the target.



Doctoral course in Psychological Sciences and Education

Corso Bettini, 31 - 38068 - Rovereto (TN)
ph. +39 0461 808457
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