The Doctoral Course in Cognitive Science

The doctoral course in Cognitive Science is promoted by the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and the Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Phd students have to undergo a public selection to be admitted to the university. It is a three year course and includes research and study activities, attendance to courses and seminar cycles which are also held by foreign teachers and sometimes in English. There will also be a study period abroad for at least six months.

We aim to give our Phd students the necessary competences to be able to do high level research in the following items:


  • Attention and executive function
  • Development of psychometric models of cognitive functions
  • Emotions and emotional regulation
  • Epistemological foundations of cognitive science
  • Gender and gender relations
  • Judgment, decision-making and reasoning in law, economics and health
  • Learned regulation of brain signals
  • Parenting: biology and environmental factors
  • Psychology and Clinical research methodology
  • Psychology of Language, Linguistics and Neurolinguistics 
  • Social cognition and intergroup relations
  • Statistical and psychometric techniques for complex data
  • Typical and atypical development 
  • Work, organizational and personnel psychology 

Cognitive Technologies

  • Automatic analysis of human behavior
  • (Automatic) Natural language processing
  • Cognitive ergonomics and interaction with intelligent systems
  • Interaction modalities based on embodied cognition
  • Interaction with Big Data and decision-making

Education and training

  • Inclusive processes in educational contexts 
  • Media, eLearning and Learning Communites online in educational processes
  • MOOC_Massive Open Online Learning
  • Qualitative research methodology in education
  • Quality of education and training process

The educational program makes the most of the multi-disciplinary competences of the teaching body involved with the Doctoral students and with the accessibility of the Laboratories of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and Fondazione Bruno Kessler. Lessons will also be held with the help of foreign teachers and sometimes in English.

The quality and variety of the research activities that are carried out in the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and Fondazione Bruno Kessler supports the achievement of the target.


Doctoral course in Cognitive Science
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