Second-Year Admission Requirements
Second-Year Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the second year, each PhD student must obtain a total of 60 credits during the first year:

  •  30 credits for attending educational activities amounting to no less than 90% of compulsory lessons;
  •  30 credits subject to approval by the Board, for two written essays, one in Italian and one in a foreign language (English, German, French or Spanish). The Board will deliberate accordingly to the advice of a special commission appointed by the same Board. The Commission may invite PhD candidates to an interview.

The written essay must focus on subjects discussed in the educational activities in which the PhD students participated during the first year, one of which must be related to their curriculum, the other to a different one.

If the PhD students intend to write an essay on a subject dealt with in a seminar other than those organized by the PhD Programme, the event must be an accredited seminar. In this case, the PhD students must, however, obtain express prior authorization from the Coordinator.

The essays which must not exceed 80,000 characters (spaces and footnotes included), must be delivered by 15th September to the PhD Secretariat (dottorato.sgce [at]

Admission to the second year is approved by the Board once acquisition of the necessary credits has been verified.


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