Second-Year Admission Requirements
Second-Year Admission Requirements

Doctoral students must have earned 60 credit points in their first year of doctoral study for admission to the second year:

  • 40 credits from attendance at academic activities, that is at least 75% of compulsory classes;
  • 20 credits from the approval of two essays by the Doctoral school coordinator or by a committee appointed by the school board. One essay must be written in Italian, the other in English, German, French or Spanish.

The two essays must be about two of the conferences or meetings that the students attended during the first year. One must be about their specialization area, the other on a different topic. Students wishing to write about a different topic can take inspiration from seminars that were not organized by the School but that the School recognizes, provided that they are authorised to do so by the School coordinator.

The essays, of about 20 pages, must be submitted by 15 September. The following information must appear on the front cover: full name of the author, curriculum of study, full name of the thesis supervisor, title of the seminar or conference that the essay is about.

Admission to second year is granted by the school Council, provided that the student meets the credit requirements.

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