Admission to the final examination
Admission to the final examination

Doctoral students must have earned 40 credit points in their third year of doctoral study for admission to the final examination: 

  • 20 credits from attendance at academic activities, that is at least 75% of compulsory classes; activities are organized by the Faculty or other entities, and credits are awarded based on a report submitted by the PhD candidate which must be approved by the coordinator of the relevant area of specialization;
  • 20 credits are awarded for the doctoral thesis based on progress achieved, which shall be verified by the thesis supervisor.

An extra 20 credits shall be awarded for the thesis when the thesis is defended.

PhD candidates must submit their theses to the doctoral course office so that it can be formally assessed, and then send it to the members of the Committee, at least one month and a half ahead of the date of the final examination.

Admission to the final examination is granted by the school Council, provided that the student meets the credit requirements.

PhD candidates are required to comply with the essay requirements provided in the download box.

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