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Project Specific Grant

The European Union: integration processes, enlargement and international role

Scholarship financed by the National Research Council (CNR)

The doctoral scholarship in memory of Antonio Megalizzi, established by the National Research Council, is dedicated to the topic "The European Union: integration processes, enlargement and international role".
It is aimed at the development of methodological skills which – by combining a solid knowledge of institutional aspects with a multidisciplinary approach - can contribute to innovative research and studies related to the phenomenon of European integration understood in its legal, political, economic and historical dimensions.
At present, the EU’s regulatory and institutional framework appears to be in many ways inadequate to deal with rapid political and socio-economic changes in Europe and the world, with the expectations of European citizens, and with the challenges the Union must face both internally and on the international scene.
The scholarship in memory of Antonio Megalizzi encourages innovative research proposals, capable of providing new conceptual models and operational tools for both understanding and modifying integration process (currently in crisis). The core interest for the scholarship is the dynamic analysis of intersecting global and regional factors that add complexity to evolutionary perspectives of European integration and the geo-political role of the Union.
Proposals are welcomed that investigate the interactions between regional and global factors that affect:
- the role of European values (such as democracy, the rule of law, and human rights) in the context of integration, enlargement processes and the EU’s Neighbourhood Policy;
- political and regulatory-institutional choices concerning EU external action in its various components, such as foreign policy, security and defence, cooperation, trade, with particular reference to the global stage (United Nations, other international organizations with universal scope, and multilateral diplomacy).