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Major Issues in International Affairs

Semester Date Lecturer Title
Fall 28/11/2023 Anna Casaglia Bordering the Climate Crisis: Mobility Justice in the Anthropocene
5/12/2023 Michela Faccioli Natural Capital and the Economic Value of the Environment
7/12/2023 Stefano Schiavo Trade and Natural Resources
16/01/2024 Marco Pertile     Targeting under IHL: Distinction, Proportionality, Precaution
30/11/2023 Andrea Fracasso Single market and open strategic autonomy
18/01/2024 Matteo Borzaga The most recent developments of EU social policy
19/01/2024 Georgios Glouftsios Building the European "Security Union" through Data Infrastructures
tbd Jens Woelk Rule of Law and EU Enlargement
Spring tbd Antonino Alì Digital surveillance
tbd Umberto Tulli The new historiography of human rights
tbd Sara Lorenzini Development as a human right
tbd Matteo Borzaga Labour rights as human rights
tbd Antonino Alì Economic Sanctions
tbd Alessandra Russo European securities and insecurities    
tbd Alessandra Russo International security and global governance    
tbd Sofia Graziani Ideology and security in China's international approach (the Mao-era)

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