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Mazzetti Michele

Michele Mazzetti is a PhD student at the School of International Studies, University of Trento (Italy). After earning a Master’s Degree with honours in Law at the University of Trento (five-year programme), he received the “Premio di laurea CGIL, CISL e UIL del Trentino per le migliori tesi sul mondo del lavoro” (Trade Unions Graduation Award) and the University of Trento Merit Award. His research focuses on international labour law. He has co-authored an article in Lavoro e Dirittothat assesses ILO strategies in protecting workers’ rights and published a case note in Labor. Before he applied for the doctoral programme, he has interned at the Tribunal of Rovereto and at SEAC S.P.A. (labour law consultancy), and carried out a research project on unemployment insurance in the Province of Trento.