Doctoral Thesis

The doctoral thesis should be a work of original research. The thesis remains the responsibility of the student and not of the supervisors, both in terms of research questions and content. The thesis should be written in English (except in the case of a written request motivated by Supervisor), which will also be the language of the examination.

The student must write the thesis him/herself. It is acceptable that the student collaborates with others on joint papers, but if any such papers are included in the thesis, there must be clear and substantial evidence of individual work.

Review process

The thesis is submitted to a review process. The Qualifying Exam consists in defending the thesis in front of the referees, which involves at least one external member of attested international standing in the research field. Upon recommendation of the referees, the student is admitted to the final examination for the award the Doctoral Degree.

The review process has three possible outcomes:

1. Pass without revisions;

2. Pass with minor revisions;

3. Major revision required.

The thesis will be passed to the final examination only if outcome 1 or 2 is attained.

In case of outcome 3, the reviewed version of the thesis must be resubmitted and approved by the referees.

Final examination

see the procedure on this page.

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