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Admission and Enrolment

Selection procedures

Admission to the Doctoral School is on a competitive basis. The procedure consists of two stages and a third stage for the Doctoral Programme in Sociology and Social Research.

In the first stage candidates are shortlisted assessing their curriculum, research proposal and reference letters (if any). Shortlisted candidates to the Doctoral Programmes in Economics and Management and in Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society (SUSTEEMS)  will be asked to take part in an interview in Trento. Applicants to the Doctoral programme in Sociology and Social Research will be asked to sit a multiple choice exam on methods for social science research, before the interview. Non-Italian candidates may be interviewed by phone or videoconference.

Applications are accepted from candidates, regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality, who hold an Italian “Laurea Magistrale” (Master’s Degree) or an equivalent degree qualification obtained abroad and considered suitable by the Admission Committee. Applicants holding a foreign degree not officially recognised as equivalent to the Italian "laurea", must explicitly request recognition of equivalence in their application.

Applications are also accepted from candidates who expect to obtain their degree/equivalent qualification abroad, before the Doctoral programme official starting date. 

Applicants should indicate for which Doctoral Programme they apply.

Application MUST include

1.     copy of ID (European citizens) or passport

2.     degree certificate or self-certification with the transcript of records (see details in the call)

3.     research proposal in English (max. 3000 words) with a short abstract (max. 150 words) and bibliography

4.     curriculum vitae et studiorum

Application MAY include

•   up to 2 reference letters (in English or Italian)

•   any international certificate attesting the knowledge of the English language (at the C1 level or higher in the Common European Framework of Refernce for Languages)

•   list of scientific publications if any

•   any other documents useful to attest to the research skills and abilities of the candidate (dissertations, scientific publications, works publishing, articles).

Note for admitted candidates

Admitted non-E.U. applicants holding a non-Italian qualification and admitted E.U. applicants holding a non-E.U. qualification must also present:

  • their degree certificate along with exams and grades obtained, translated and authenticated by an Italian consulate, embassy or diplomatic representative in the country where the degree was issued, and the respective Declaration of value (“Dichiarazione di Valore”). Declaration of Value must state that the university degree is valid and enables candidates to enrol in a doctoral course in the country where it was obtained. 
  • the Diploma Supplement written in English according to the EC, Europe Council and Unesco format.

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