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Student mobility fund and research budget


1.    Inform by email your supervisor/tutor about your intention to participate to the event, and make sure that you have funds available (check with the School administration)
2.    Complete the travel authorisation request form (online procedure – login in MyUnitn/Gestione Trasferte) and inform the School administration not later than 3 weeks prior to the event you plan to attend.  
3.    If students are going to attend an event they must complete and forward to School administration the attendance at courses/seminars/event form not later than 2 weeks prior the registration deadline.

Where fees are requested:
A) students can pay the fees themselves and then ask for the reimbursement. The invoice/debit note must  
- detail all the items it includes (registration fee, board and lodging etc.) 
- be addressed to the university (see below) and 
- include the participant’s name .
B) students can ask the Doctoral School to pay the fees for them for amounts exceeding 500 Euros
In this case students fill in all the required details in the above - mentioned form, i.e. institution’s full address, VAT number and institution’s bank details (bank name, address and IBAN/SWIFT code). You are required to enclose a certificate/letter/document stating:
-    The registration procedure 
-    The event dates and programme 
-    The amount of the fee and what this includes.

The invoice must be addressed to 
Scuola di dottorato in Scienze Sociali
University of Trento
Via Calepina, 14
38122 Trento
P.IVA/C.I. 00340520220

The Doctoral School can NOT reimburse invoices addressed to students only.
The travel expenses reimbursement request (on line procedure – see MyUnitn/Gestione Trasferte) must be completed when the student returns. This form will not be taken into consideration and the reimbursement won’t be paid if the travel authorisation request form has not been filled in in advance.

The university can only reimburse travel tickets with dates consistent with the event. Tickets with dates distant more than 1 day from the beginning of event (outbound ticket) and tickets with date distant more than 1 day from the end of the event (return tickets) won’t be reimbursed. Please contact the staff for further details if you need to travel in more distant dates. 

Students are also asked to submit all the documents (tickets, invoices etc.) in original to the Doctoral School Secretariat.


Doctoral School of Social Sciences

via Verdi 26, 38122 - Trento
ph. +39 0461 283756 - 2290
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