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Facilities and more


The classrooms and the labs of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences are located inside the building of the Department of Sociology and Social Research and in the Department of Economics and Management (Via Inama 5). The students have full access to the university’s library services.

The School will provide to all doctoral students:

  • A personal desk and internet connection in a room equipped with PCs and personal productivity software;
  • Access to a certain number of licensed computer programmes for special needs. The default platform is: Mathematic for calculus and simulation; Stata and MatLab for Econometrics;
  • Mailboxes
  • Telephone access for local calls. Access to non local calls is permitted only for research needs, and must be approved by the Director of the Programme
  • Access to a photocopier and printer. Students will be allowed a certain number of free copies per year.
  • Access to databases




Doctoral School of Social Sciences

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