Guest Lectures and Seminars 2019-2020

Seminar Room, first floor, Department of Economics and Management.

THURSDAY, 17 OCTOBER - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Economic Dependency and Cohabiting Couples’ Union Transitions - Agnese Vitali
Thursday, 24 October - 2 pm Micro-processes of justification and critique in water sustainability controversies: the role of accounting in the production of moral legitimacy

Leonardo Rinaldi

Royal Holloway University of London

Thursday, 31 October - 2 pm Accounting & Governance Research: Reflections from the ‘middle ground

Teerooven Soobaroyen

University of Essex

Thursday, 7 November - 2 pm

Spillovers through Supply Chains

Jordan J. Norris

Aarhus University

Thursday, 14 November - 2 pm Doing good for humanity, the community or the planet! Consumers reward CSR-practicing mass market retailers according to their prevalent morality

Camilla Barbarossa

Toulose Business School

THURSDAY, 21 NOVEMBER - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: The role of culture and creativity for urban and regional development and a new research agenda - Luciana Lazzeretti, University of Florence

Thursday, 28 November - 2 pm

CONFERENCE ROOM, Department of Economics and Management

Math ability, gender stereotypes about math ability, and educational choices - Combining experimental and survey data

Dominique Cappelletti

University of Verona

Thursday, 5 December - 2 pm  Strategic Games Among Individuals, Schools and Firms that Make Ventures Risky in Japan but not in Silicon Valley

Dimitry Rtischev

Gakushuin University, Tokyo

Thursday, 12 December - 2 pm

Coping with Adversity: Individual and Organizational Resilience in Small And Medium Enterprises

Paolo Gubitta

University of Padua

THURSDAY, 19 DECEMBER - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Conflict and Participation in Bargaining at Company Level: The Lamborghini Case - Margherita Russo, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia; Armanda Cetrulo, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa.
Thursday, 16 January - 2 pm CANCELLED - Protecting the Ego: Information Selection and Updating

Alessandro Castagnetti

Warwick University

THURSDAY, 23 JANUARY - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Segregation and polarization: two sides of the same coin or not? Insights from computer simulation studies and empirical research - Andreas Flache, University of Groningen
Wednesday, 29 January - 1.30 pm Make, Buy, or Re-design.
The impact of digital technologies on the organization of production

Luigi Marengo 

LUISS University

Thursday, 6 February - 2 pm Social coordination and cognitive modes

Leonardo Boncinelli

University of Florence

THURSDAY, 20 FEBRUARY - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Populism: an eclectic view - Andrea Boitani, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano.

Thursday, 27 February - 2 pm

CANCELLED - Assessing Organizational Resilience: change and stability in the academic core of the university

Mitchell Young

Charles University Prague

Thursday, 5 March - 2 pm

CANCELLED - Micro-Mechnisms behind Declining Labor Shares: Rising Market Power and Changing Modes of Production

Matthias Mertens

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)

Thursday, 12 March - 2 pm CANCELLED: Black box accounting: Discounting and disclosure practices of decommissioning liabilities

Thomas Schneider

Ryerson University

Thursday, 19 March - CANCELLED - LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: European economic governance after Brexit: past experiences, present challenges and future opportunities - Amy Verdun, Universiteit Leiden
Thursday, 19 March - 1.30 pm CANCELLED - Ecce Homo Moralis: How people care about doing the right thing beyond its monetary consequences

Valerio Capraro

Middlesex University London

CANCELLED - THURSDAY, 26 MARCH - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Education, Women’s Relative Earnings, and the Balance of Financial Decision-making in European Couples - Jan Van Bavel, KU Leuven
Thursday, 2 April - 2 pm CANCELLED

Stefania Sylos Labini 

University of Foggia

Thursday, 9 April - 2 pm CANCELLED

Joseph Hofbauer

University of Vienna

CANCELLED - THURSDAY, 16 APRIL - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Who gets admitted? The gatekeeper effect in peer accreditation - Markus Perkmann, Imperial College London
Thursday, 23 April - 2 pm CANCELLED Ivan Soraperra - CREED, University of Amsterdam
Thursday, 30 April - 2 pm CANCELLED

Stein Østbye 

The Arctic University of Norway

Thursday, 7 May - 2 pm CANCELLED

Nicola Cortinovis

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Thursday, 14 May - 2 pm CANCELLED - Plasticity of strategic sophistication in interactive decision making

Davide Marchiori

University of Southern Denmark

CANCELLED - THURSDAY, 21 MAY - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences: Ethnic diversity and social integration - Frank Kalter, Mannheim University

Thursday, 28 May - 2 pm


Simone Quercia

University of Verona

Thursday, 4 June - 2 pm CANCELLED

Stefano Dughera and Marco Giraudo - University of Turin

Thursday, 11 June - 2 pm CANCELLED Mariangela Guidolin - University of Padua
CANCELLED - THURSDAY, 18 JUNE - 2 PM - Seminar - Doctoral School of Social Sciences - Emanuele Felice, University of Chieti


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