Seminars - Doctoral School of Social Sciences
The Doctoral School of Social Science is keen to announce its interdisciplinary Seminar Series, bringing together renown international speakers from various branches of the Social Sciences.
The Seminars take place each third Thursday of the month, from 2 to 4 pm. They are organized by the School’s Director together with the academic directors of the single PhD programmes and aim to stimulate interesting scientific discussions as well as to create an occasion to get together among colleagues (junior and less junior) and exchange ideas also more informally, according to the spirit of the Doctoral School of Social Sciences.
Each senior Speaker is assigned to junior Discussants from different disciplines and ample room is provided for an open floor discussion.
Here the programme for the current academic year:

2 PM, Aula Kessler, Department of Sociology and Social Research, via Verdi 2

Tentative programme - academic year 2019/20

Thursday, 17 October Economic Dependency and Cohabiting Couples’ Union Transitions Agnese Vitali - University of Trento (Sociology and Social Research)

Giulia Corti, PhD in Sociology and Social Research

Austeja Kazemekaityte, PhD in Economics and Management

Thursday, 21 November The role of culture and creativity for urban and regional development and a new research agenda Luciana Lazzeretti - University of Florence - DISEI (Delos)

Andrea Pietrolucci, PhD in Sociology and Social Research

Emilio Vivarelli, PhD in Development Economics and Local Systems

Thursday, 19 December Conflict and Participation in Bargaining at Company Level: The Lamborghini Case

Margherita Russo - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Armanda Cetrulo - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna Pisa

Saverio Minardi, PhD in Sociology and Social Research

Davide Bernardini, PhD in Economics and Management

Thursday, 23 January Segregation and polarization: two sides of the same coin or not? Insights from computer simulation studies and empirical research Andreas Flache - University of Groningen (Sociology and Social Research)

Lucas Sage, incoming student, PhD in Sociology and Social Research

Vittorio Guida, PhD student in Economics and Management

Thursday, 20 February Populism: an eclectic view Andrea Boitani - Università Cattolica del S. Cuore (Economics)

Mario Quaranta, Department of Sociology and Social Research

Thursday, 19 March -11 AM CANCELLED - LECTIO MAGISTRALIS: European economic governance after Brexit: past experiences, present challenges and future opportunities Amy Verdun, Universiteit Leiden
Thursday, 26 March CANCELLED: The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Education, Women’s Relative Earnings, and the Balance of Financial Decision-making in European Couples Jan Van Bavel - KU Leuven (Sociology and Social Research)   
Thursday, 16 April CANCELLED - Who gets admitted? The gatekeeper effect in peer accreditation Markus Perkmann - Imperial College London (Management)  
Thursday, 21 May CANCELLED - Ethnic diversity and social integration Frank Kalter  - Mannheim University (Sociology and Social Research)  
Thursday, 18 June CANCELLED Emanuele Felice - Università di Chieti (Economics)  


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