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Project-specific scholarships - 36th cycle

1. Scholarship sponsored by Consorzio Zenit Firenze - Management of sustainability: from projects to social impact assessment”.
This research project can be divided into three parts. The first one concerns the integration of sustainability in the definition of new projects for a non-profit and multi-node organization. The second one concerns the creation of a sustainable governance and the adaptation of the organizational model to such new structure. The third aspect will define methods and tools for measuring the social and the environmental impacts of the services provided by the company, comparing them with best practices at national and international level.
2. Scholarship sponsored by GPI Trento - From the concept to the measurement of social sustainability of a multi-service company with multiple workplaces in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals”.
This research project will conceptualize and measure social sustainability within a company providing multiple services in the health-care sector and in other domains. This project will verify the applicability of existing methods or, alternatively, will develop new approaches. In particular, the analysis should take into account the implications of defining methods and measuring social sustainability for a company that operates internationally and want to align its strategies with the Sustainable development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.
3. Scholarship sponsored by Eurac Research – Promoting the energy transition through sustainable social practices.
This research project will aim at understanding the relationship between urban contexts and social practices promoting sustainable energy transition. This research will define innovative and classical methods for measuring and promoting the change in daily energy practices, towards wider sustainability. The interaction between social practices and sustainability will be investigated. For doing that, the research will focus on concepts such as social capital, spatial capital, and social practices linked to energy consumption and saving. The research activities will be mainly carried out in the framework of European projects and geographical context.
The Doctoral student awarded the scholarships financed by Eurac Research is obliged to maintain confidentiality and to transfer the ownership of the results by signing the Declaration of Commitment in the download box. 
Within the PhD Programme in “Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society”, particular emphasis will be given to research proposals on the following subjects:
• Sustainability, impact evaluation and risk assessment for the natural environment (e.g. climate change), the economy (e.g. green technologies) and the society (e.g. social innovation).
• Non-market valuation for sustainability;
• The impact of regulations and norms on sustainable development;
• Business models in a world of technological and organizational change, and social innovation;
• Tools for sustainable management of businesses and territories;
• Sustainable development, inequality and poverty.

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