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Development Economics and Local Systems (DELoS) is a new doctoral programme focusing on development economics and local development with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary and applied approach. The programme activities are jointly organised by the Department of Economics and Management and the Doctoral School of Social Sciences of the University of Trento, and by the Deparment of Economics and Management of the University of Florence.

The doctoral programme includes two curricula: Development Economics and Economics of Local Systems.


Provisional Teaching Programme - Academic Year 2019-20
First term in Trento
Semester Development Economics Local Systems
Ist Econometrics (36h - Carlo Fezzi) - E6
Ist Environmental Economics (12h - Sandra Notaro/Roberta Raffaelli) - 2
Ist Economics of Innovation (24h - Giovanni Pegoretti/Fabio Pieri) - E4
  Behavioural Economics (24h - Luigi Mittone) - E4
Ist Tutorial Stata (18h - Sergiu Burlacu) - 2
Ist Academic Writing (24h - Mark Beittel) - 2 
Ist Seminars of the Doctoral School
Ist Labour Issues (18h - Gianna Giannelli) - E3 Enterpreneurship and Local Development (18h - Bruno Dallago) - E3
Ist Trade and Firms (12h - Maria Luigia Segnana) - 2  Institutional Economics (24h - Ermanno Tortia) - E4
Ist Advanced Microeconomics (18h - Gabriella Berloffa) - E3 Managing sustainable tourism development (6h - Mariangela Franch/Maria Della Lucia) 1
Ist Optional seminars, conferences and courses  Optional seminars, conferences and courses

Second term in Florence (TBA)

E= Exam

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