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Programme structure

First year

Activities of the first semester will be held in Trento

  • October: assignment of tutors
  • October - January: arrival and refresh course, assignment of tutors, 1st term courses
  • February: exams
  • Activities of the second semester will be held in Florence
  • March - June: 2nd term courses
  • June: exams
  • September: retakes (both in Florence and Trento)
  • October: assignement of the supervisor

Second year

Research activity either in Trento or in Florence

At least three months in Italian or foreign research istitutions

  • November-December: seminar courses, if necessary
  • January: research project workshop, presentation and discussion; final research project approval
  • February-September: research activities and field work
  • October: discussion of preliminary research results
  • Admission to the 3rd year

Third year

  • November - May: research activities
  • June: pre- graduation defence
  • September: final assessment by the internal committee
  • October: thesis submission

Furthermore, both the Doctroal School of Social Sciences and the Departments that support DELoS in Florence and Trento, offer an intensive calendar of seminars, conferences and workshop: