The doctoral curriculum consists of a taught component and supervised individual research. It is designed to be completed in three years.

During the first year, students dedicate 100% of their time to course attendance.

In the second year, students dedicate only 40% of their time to training and the remaining time to research. In their final year, student dedicate almost all their time to research – 80% - along with the attendance of specific workshops, summer schools or seminars related to their research project.

Students have a choice of two separate curricula, namely Behavioural Economics and Management.

Teaching Programme - First year - Academic Year 2018-19


1st Term

Oct. - Dec 2018 


  • Econometrics - Prof. Fezzi (joint course DELOS - 36 hours)
  • Statistics and Regression - Prof. Taufer (50 hours) 
  • Behavioural EconomicsProf. Mittone (joint course MEC - 48 hours) 
  • Management and Organizations - Prof. Zaninotto (25 hours)
  • Game Theory - Prof. Andreozzi (joint course MEC - 48 hours)*

2nd Term

Jan-March 2019




  • Experimental Economics - Prof. Ploner (25 hours)
  • Managerial decision making - Prof. Zona (36 hours)
  • Industrial organization - Prof. Tomasi (joint course MEC - 48 hours)*
  • Research Methodology - Prof. Costa (16 hours), Prof. Frigotto (16 hours) and Prof. Savadori (16 hours)
  • Academic Writing for the Social Sciences - Mark Beittel - jointly with SRS PhD programme

* PhD students can choose to attend either the course in Game Theory (first term) or the course in Industrial Organization (second term).

First Year (term 1 and 2): Courses are mandatory. Examination and pass/fail rules are specified below. Admission to the second year is conditional upon fulfilment of all the requirements. For further details see the section “Admission to the second and third year".

Second Year. At the end of the third semester students shall hand in their Project Proposal. The First Research paper is due at the end of the Second Year.

Third Year: Research for and writing of the Doctoral dissertation. The Second research paper, i.e. work-in-progress and preliminary results of the research, is due during the 3rd year.

Other Requirements

A wide range of seminars (nearly 30 per year) and tutorials (2 per year) is offered. Attendance is considered an integral part of the programme requirements.

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