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Doctoral programme

The doctoral programme focuses on theoretical knowledge of the new characteristics of local development in the context of the openness and integration of societies (“globalisation”) and on the processes through which the new emerging global codified knowledge has to be re-contextualized and combined with local specificities.

It aims at providing specialised research skills in one of the majors offered, based on an interdisciplinary context.

Admitted students will typically have different educational backgrounds in the sense of both disciplines and educational system, since they will have a specialised degree and come from different countries, also outside of Europe. Since researching local development requires understanding and mastering diverse aspects and components that have their roots in different disciplines, the first year of the Doctoral Programme is devoted to interdisciplinary study.

The demand for an interdisciplinary programme on local development also comes from the likely job track of potential candidates. Demand for young researchers with a doctoral degree in local development will come from both the academic and non-academic research institutions. Among the latter are the research offices of international organisations, industrial associations, governments at different level and their associations, multinational companies, non-governmental associations and their networks. In the latter cases – but increasingly so also in the academic track – demand for interdisciplinary skills is of critical importance.


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