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Title: When the Teacher Marks the Difference. Grading Practices, Social Inequalities, and Student Educational Outcomes.

Supervisor: Moris Triventi (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Adrianus Rudolphus Luijkx (University of Trento), David Reimer (Aarhus University) and Sara Geven (University of Amsterdam)

Valentina NERINO

Title: Understanding Persuasive Communication: The Role of Heuristic Thinking, Context, and Debiasing in the Evaluation of Online Political Information

Supervisor: Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Cristiano Codagnone (University of Milan), Giuseppe Sciortino (University of Trento), Stuart Soroka (University of California) and Cristian Vaccari (Loughborough University)


Title: Together We Stand? Spanish and Italian LGBTQIA* organisations crossing boundaries through social media

Supervisor: Katia Pilati (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento), Conny Roggeband (University of Amsterdam), Jennifer Earl (The University of Arizona) and Emanuela Lombardo (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


Title: Parental wealth and children’s higher education: Italy in a comparative perspective

Supervisor: Marco Albertini (University of Bologna)

Doctoral Committee: Luca Piccoli (University of Trento), Fabian Pfeffer (University of Michigan), Loris Vergolini (University of Bologna) and Nora Waitkus (London School of Economics and Political Science) 



Title: Three Essays on Migration, Migration Policies, and Migrants’ Integration

Supervisors: Enrico Rettore (University of Padova) - Silke Anger (Bamberg University)

Doctoral Committee: Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento), Enrico Rettore (University of Trento), Silke Anger (Bamberg University), Marco Bertoni (University of Padova), Guido Heineck (Bamberg University), Benjamin Elsner (University College Dublin)


Title: Socioeconomic Deprivation and the Support for Populism: A Study on Individual and Contextual Determinants

Supervisor: Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee:  Peter H.J. Achterberg (Tilburg University), Mario Diani (University of Trento), Michael Gebel (Bamberg University), Marcel Lubbers (Utrecht University), Bart Meuleman (KU Leuven), Femke Roosma (Tilburg University)


Title: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy: Three Essays on the Role of Risk, Trust and Cognitive Characteristics in Vaccine Acceptance

Supervisor: Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Nick Allum (University of Essex), Federico Neresini (University of Padova), Ivano Bison (University of Trento)


Title: Essays on Technology, Institutions, and Workers

Supervisor: Paolo Barbieri (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Heike Solga (Freie Universität Berlin), Stefani Scherer (University of Trento), Michael Gebel (Bamberg University), Michael Shalev  (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).


Title: Unequal starts: the role of different learning environments in the development of inequalities in skills during early childhood

Supervisor: Moris Triventi (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Helen Russell (ESRI - Economic and Social Research Institute), Emmanuele Pavolini (Università di Macerata), Stefani Scherer (University of Trento)


Giulia CORTI

Title: Educational assortative mating and the rise of hypogamy: causes and consequences

Supervisor: Stefani Scherer (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Agnese Vitali (University of Trento), Jan Van Bavel (KU Leuven),  Philipp Lersch (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)



Title: Unequal but Fair? About the Perceived Legitimacy of the Standing Economic Order

Supervisor: Adrianus Rudolphus Luijkx (University of Trento) - Co-supervisor: Peter Achterberg (Tilburg University)

Doctoral Committee: Peter H.J.Achterberg (Tilburg University), Ruud A.C.M.Luijkx (Tilburg University), Travis Proulx (Cardiff University), Michael Bang Petersen (Aarhus University), Ilja van Beest (Tilburg University), Jonathan J.B. Mijs (Harvard University), Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento), Loek C.J.M. Halman (Tilburg University)


Title: Less divided after ETA? Green networks in the Basque Country between 2007 and 2017

Supervisor: Mario Diani (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Katia Pilati (University of Trento), Robert Michael Fishman (Universidad Carlo III de Madrid), Clare Saunders (University of Exeter).

Emanuele FEDELI

Title: The classroom as a sorting machine: The influence of teachers, friends, and peers on students’ outcomes

Supervisor: Moris Triventi (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Stefani Scherer (University of Trento), Fabrizio Bernardi (European University Institute), prof. dr. H.G. (Herman) van de Werfhorst, University of Amsterdam

Matthias Christoph HOFFMANN

Title: Exploring the Facebook Networks of German Anti-Immigration Groups.

Supervisor: Mario Diani (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Jonathan Bright (University of Oxford), Alexandra Segerberg (Uppsala University), Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri (University of Trento)

Stefania YAPO

Title: (Dual) Citizenship in the Mirror. The everyday understanding of citizenship among Peruvian migrants in Italy and Spain

Supervisor: Paolo Boccagni (University of Trento)

Doctoral Committee: Francesca Decimo (University of Trento), Stefani Scherer (University of Trento), Marta Erdal Bivand (PRIO - Peace Research Institute Oslo), Joaquin Eguren Rodriguez (Universidad Pontificia Comillas)

Francesca ZANASI

Title: Carers and Careers. Grandparental care investment and its labour market consequences in Europe.

Supervisors: Stefani Scherer (University of Trento), Peter Achterberg (Tilburg University) and Inge Sieben (Tilburg University)

Doctoral Committee: Stefani Scherer (University of Trento), Bruno Arpino (University of Florence), Marco Albertini (University of Bologna), Katya Ivanova (Tilburg University), B.J.M. Steverink (University of Groningen), Peter H. J. Achterberg (Tilburg University), Inge Sieben (Tilburg University) and Jan Van Bavel (University of Leuven).



Title: With or without you. Intentions, constraints, and consequences of childlessness in European countries.

Supervisor: Marco Albertini, University of Bologna

Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri (University of Trento), Letizia Mencarini (Bocconi University), Maria Letizia Tanturri (University of Padova)


Title: Doing it better: economic performance and social mobility of migrant entrepreneurs in Rome and Milan restaurant sector.

Supervisor: Francesca Decimo, University of Trento

Doctoral Committee: Maurizio Ambrosini (University of Milan), Paolo Boccagni (University of Trento), Camille Schmoll (P.A.R.I.S. Université Paris VII Denis Diderot).

Gabriele MARI

Title: Women with children first? Parenthood, policies, and gender gaps in three European labour markets.

Supervisors: Paolo Barbieri, R.J.A. (Ruud) Muffels, A.R.C.M. (Ruud) Luijkx

Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, R.J.A. (Ruud) Muffels, A.R.C.M. (Ruud) Luijkx, Markus Gangl, Susan Harkness, Renske Keizer, C.L. (Caroline) Dewilde, Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri


Title: Fertility Decisions in Context - Individual and Couple Dynamics.

Supervisor: Stefani Scherer, University of Trento

Doctoral Committee: Marco Albertini (University of Bologna), Daniele Vignoli (University of Florence), Anna Matysiak (Vienna Institute of Demography).


Rizza Kaye CASES

Title: Changing ties, ambivalent connections: mobilities and networks of Filipinos in London and New York metropolitan areas.

Supervisor: Paolo Boccagni

Doctoral Committee: Francesca Decimo, Deidre McKey, Masja van Meeteren.


Title: Uso del tempo e performance accademiche. Nuove tecniche e prospettive con l'utilizzo dei big data.

Supervisors: Adrianus Rudolphus Luijkx and Enrico Rettore

Doctoral Committee: Matteo Colleoni, Federico Neresini, Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri

Riccardo LADINI

Title: Campaign and network effects on electoral participation: The various facets of mobilization and interpersonal influence.

Supervisor: Cristiano Vezzoni

Doctoral Committee: Sylvia Kritzinger, Adrianus Rudolphus Luijkx, Cristian Vaccari.

Filippo ONCINI

Title: Constrictions and constructions of dietary compliance: A multimethod study.

Supervisor: Domenico Tosini

Doctoral Committee: Moris Triventi, Alan Warde, Tally Katz-Gerro.


Title: Returns to education from different perspectives. Macro determinants, micro mechanisms, and unconventional educational pathways in the transition/s from school to work.

Supervisors: Stefani Scherer, Ruud Luijkx and Paul de Graaf.

Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, David Reimer, Marteen Wolbers, Inge J. P. Sieben, Paul de Graaf, Stefani Scherer, Ruud Lujkx.


Title: Il passato nel presente. Case-study in Italia nel contesto delle Elezioni Europee del 2014.
Supervisor: Cristiano Vezzoni
Doctoral Committee: Lorenzo De Sio, Katia Pilati, Stefani Scherer, Dario Tuorto.

Title: Labour Market Entry in Context. Institutions, Social Inequalities and the Early Occupational Careers in Europe.
Supervisor: Paolo Barbieri
Doctoral Committee: Stefani Scherer, Michael Gebel, Daniel Oesch.
Title: The social reproduction of licensed professionals: a micro-class approach.
Supervisor: Carlo Barone
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, Gabriele Ballarino, Cinzia Meraviglia, Nazareno Panichella

Eleonora VLACH
Title: Diseguali su quale base? Lo svantaggio scolastico dei figli di immigrati in Europa.
Supervisor: Antonio Schizzerotto
Doctoral Committee: Asher Colombo, Nicola Barban, Giancarlo Blangiardo.


Title: Studying "too much"? A comparative and diachronic analysis of overeducation among tertiary graduates.
Supervisor: Carlo Barone
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri; Luis Ortiz; Steffen Schindler; Herman Van de Werfhorst.
Title: There and back again: Post - return experiences of highly skilled Belarusian professionals.
Supervisor: Giuseppe Sciortino
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Boccagni, Anna Amelina, Izabela Grabowska - Lusinska
Raffaele GROTTI
Title: Shaping economic inequality: the starring role of the household in the "welfare triad".
Supervisor: Stefani Scherer.
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, Roberto Tamborini, Ulrich Kohler, Gosta Esping-Andersen.
Title: Revisiting lesbians' and gay men's lives in Italy: generation, relationships, and gender.
Supervisor: Asher Colombo.
Doctoral Committee: Marco Marzano, Luisa Leonini, Brian Heaphy.
Title: More qualifications and less dropout? From compulsory schooling to vocational education in Italy.
Supervisors: Antonio Schizzerotto, Giancarlo Gasperoni.
Doctoral Committee: Gabriele Ballarino, Joris Ghysels, Hector Cebolla.
Chiara ROSSI
Title: Secolarizzazione e ricomposizione del sacro in Italia: il caso delle comunità parrocchiali della Garfagnana.
Supervisor: Salvatore Abbruzzese
Doctoral Committee: Salvatore Abbruzzese, Olivier Galland, Denis Pelletier.
Marco TOSI
Title: Leaving home sooner or later: Co-residence and parent-adult child relations in Italy and Sweeden.
Supervisors: Carlo Buzzi, Marco Albertini
Doctoral Committee: Giancarlo Gasperoni, Thomas Leopold, Letizia Mencarini.


Title: Cosmologies of destination: Roots and routes of Eritrean forced migration towards Europe.
Supervisor: Giuseppe Sciortino
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Boccagni, Jorgen Carling, Michael Collyer, Nauja Iben Kleist
Title: Padri flessibili e madri precarie. Modelli culturali, pratiche quotidiane e processi biografici innovativi in corso di negoziazione.
Supervisors: Barbara Poggio, Lea Sgier.
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, Dawn Lyon, Patrizia Zanoni.
Federica DUCA
Title: Left outside or trapped in the visible and invisible gate. Insights into the continuities and discontinuities in the creation of good and just living in open and gated suburbs of Johannesburg.
Supervisors: Asher Colombo, Ivor Chipkin.
Doctoral Committee: Marco Marzano, Jeremy Seekings, Giovanni Semi.
Michele LUGO
Title: In assenza di politiche familiari: l'influenza della famiglia sul lavoro di uomini e donne in un confronto fra Italia e Stati Uniti.
Supervisor: Paolo Barbieri.
Doctoral Committee: Enrico Rettore, Letizia Mencarini, Stefani Scherer.
Title: Voting in Context: a theory of environmental effects on electoral behavior.
Supervisor: Cristiano Vezzoni.
Doctoral Committee: Delia Baldassarri, Hans Schadee, Michael E. Shin.


Title: Discrezionalità e condizionamento organizzativo nella pratica professionale di servizio sociale.
Supervisor: Walter Lorenz.
Doctoral Committee: Luca Fazzi, Günter J. Friesenhahn.
Title: Lavorare nell'economia informale: i meccanici di strada nella metropoli parigina.
Supervisor: Attila Bruni.
Doctoral Committee: Patrick Cingolani, Diego Coletto, Alessandro Dal Lago, Roberto Pedersini.
Lidia Katia Consiglia MANZO
Title: Give me a break! I'€™m from Brooklyn, we're not fancy». Institutions, Housing and Lifestyles in Super-gentrification process. A Field and Historical research in Park Slope, New York City.
Supervisor: Giuseppe Sciortino.
Doctoral Committee: Jerome Krase, Tom Slater, Sharon Zukin.
Title: Getting the job done...!? (Professional) challenges on the frontline of Public Employment Services in Vienna and Milan.
Supervisor: Walter Lorenz.
Doctoral Committee: Luca Fazzi, Günther Friesenhahn, Alessandro Sicora.
Annalisa ORNAGHI
Title: Uno studio comparato sulle disuguaglianze di salute: Italia e Francia.
Supervisors: Salvatore Abbruzzese, Pierre Demeulenaere
Doctoral Committee: Salvatore Abbruzzese, Pierre Demeulenaere, Mara Tognetti, Tommaso Vitale
Turgut Kerem TUNCEL
Title: Mayr Hayastan Im Hairenik: Memory and the Politics of Construction of the Armenian Homeland.
Supervisor: Giolo Fele.
Doctoral Committee: Tsypylma Darieva, Simon Payaslian, Carlo Ruzza.


Title: La partecipazione impolitica: etnografia di due sezioni della Lega Nord.
Supervisor: Barbara Poggio.
Doctoral Committee: Mario Diani, Ilvo Diamanti, Roberta Sassatelli.
Nicoletta BRESSAN
Title: L'imprenditoria cinese in Italia: due casi studio: la ristorazione cinese a Milano e il distretto del porfido a Trento.
Supervisor: Francesca Decimo.
Doctoral Committee: Maurizio Ambrosini, Antonio Chiesi, Emilio Reyneri.
Ruggero CAPRA
Title: Le rappresentazioni di significato nel servizio sociale nella giustizia penale in contesti orientati dal neoliberismo.
Supervisor: Walter Lorenz.
Doctoral Committee: Luigi Gui, Carla Moretti.
Restitiuta CASTIELLO
Title: Conoscenza, Soggetti, Tecnologie: una genealogia del post-umano.
Supervisors: Attila Bruni, Barbara Poggio.
Doctoral Committee: Tiziana Terranova, Elisabetta Ruspini, Vincenzo D'Andrea
Title: Disuguaglianze sociali nella salute, tra eterogeneità individuale e fattori sociali di rischio.
Supervisor: Carlo Buzzi.
Doctoral Committee: Luca Crivelli, Mara Tognetti, Simone Sarti.
Giulia Maria DOTTI SANI
Title:  Presence of children and inequality in the household: employment, housework and earnings in European heterosexual couples.
Supervisor: Paolo Barbieri.
Doctoral Committee: Tiziana Nazio, Gabriella Berloffa, Judith Treas.
Alessandra MINELLO
Title: Contextual effects on the educational ambition of immigrants' children and natives in Italy and Belgium.
Supervisors: Francesco Billari, Helga de Valk.
Doctoral Committee: Paolo Barbieri, Ross Macmillan, Marta Tienda.
Giacomo PODERI
Title: Making Sense of Users Participation in Open Source Projects: The case of a Mature Video Game.
Supervisor: Vincenzo D'Andrea
Doctoral Committee: Yvonne Dietrich, Giolo Fele, Mathieu O'Neil.
Title: Curare gli anziani: pratiche di cura in tensione tra processi assistenziali e di medicalizzazione.
Supervisor: Silvia Gherardi, Vincenzo D'Andrea.
Doctoral Committee: Barbara Poggio, Maria Tognetti, Willem Tousjin.


Title: Immigrant-native educational gaps: A systematic inquiry into the schooling of children of immigrants throughout the Italian education system.
Supervisor: Carlo Barone.
Doctoral Committee: Gabriele Ballarino; Giovanna Fullin; Irena Kogan.

Title: Il capitale sociale come risorsa integrativa di una società locale.
Supervisors: Salvatore Abbruzzese, Pierre Demeulenaere
Doctoral Committee: Pierre-Paul Zalio, Arnaldo Bagnasco, Salvatore Abbruzzese, Pierre Demeulenaere.

Raffaele GUETTO
Title: Structural and Cultural Determinants of Fertility and Female Labour Market Participation in Italy and Europe.
Supervisors: Stefani Scherer, Ruud Luijkx.
Doctoral Committee: Amstein Aassve, Nam Dirk DeGraaf, Bart Meuleman, Hans Schadee.
Title: Keeping Information Systems alive: participation, work and maintenance-in-use in a welfare department.
Supervisors: Vincenzo D'Andrea, Lucy Suchman.
Doctoral Committee: Vando Borghi, Maurizio Catino, Silvia Gherardi.
Francesco MIELE
Title: Imprevedibilmente sospesi tra stabilizzazione e istituzionalizzazione: uno studio sugli spin-off della ricerca universitaria.
Supervisors: Attila Bruni, Barbara Czarniawska.
Doctoral Committee: Vando Borghi, Maurizio Catino, Silvia Gherardi.
Title: La sicurezza come pratica e network eterogeneo: la sala operatoria e l'allineamento della sociomaterialità.
Supervisor: Attila Bruni, Silvia Gherardi.
Doctoral Committee: Vando Borghi, Maurizio Catino, Silvia Gherardi.
Title: Youth Political Organizations and Music in Contemporary Russia: the National Identity Issue.
Supervisor: Mario Diani.
Doctoral Committee: Elena Belokurova, Elena Omelchenko.
Title: Dove ballano i moldavi la terra geme: etnografia su una pratica culturale in emigrazione.
Supervisor: Giolo Fele
Doctoral Committee: Maurizio Ambrosini, Asher Daniel Colombo, Giovanni Semi
Monica SOLDA'
Title: Uomini e no: un'analisi narrativa della costruzione dell'identità di genere nella organizzazione sindacale.
Supervisor: Barbara Poggio
Doctoral Committee: Tiziana Terranova, Elisabetta Ruspini, Vincenzo D'Andrea.


Title: Povertà e deprivazione in Italia, Spagna, Francia e Germania: una disamina degli aspetti concettuali, metodologici e dei meccanismi generativi.
Supervisor: Paolo Barbieri
Doctoral Committee: Henri Mari Adam Schadee, Gabriele Ballarino, Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi, Cristiano Vezzoni.
Title: La simulazione delle pratiche lavorative nei contesti formativi medici.
Supervisors: Antonio Strati, Silvia Gherardi.
Doctoral Committee: Silvia Gherardi, Maria Giovanna Vicarelli, Lorenzo Speranza.
Title: The Impact of Political Opportunity Structures on Networks of Immigrant Associations: A Comparison of Two European Cities.
Supervisors: Mario Diani, Marco Giugni
Doctoral Committee: Mario Diani, Marco Giugni, Pascal Sciarini, Matteo Gianni, Jean Tillie.
Navena KULIC
Title: The economic well-being of married women in a comparative perspective: The effect of income, work and union on financial satisfaction.
Supervisor: Antonio Schizzerotto
Doctoral Committee: Henri Mari Adam Schadee, Gabriele Ballarino, Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi, Cristiano Vezzoni.
Title: La condizione liminale della consulenza: racconti di lavoro tra autonomia e organizzazione.
Supervisors: Barbara Poggio, Costanzo Ranci.
Doctoral Committee: Giancarlo Provasi, Mauro Magatti, Lorenzo Speranza.
Title: Medicina e lavoro medico: la diabetologia al lavoro.
Supervisor: Attila Bruni.
Doctoral Committee: Silvia Gherardi, Maria Giovanna Vicarelli, Lorenzo Speranza.
Title: Cu' nesci, arrinesci? Mobilità sociale e mobilità geografica dei migranti interni italiani.
Supervisor: Giuseppe Sciortino
Doctoral Committee: Henri Mari Adam Schadee, Gabriele Ballarino, Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi, Cristiano Vezzoni.
Title: La traduzione in pratica della responsabilità sociale di impresa.
Supervisors: Silvia Gherardi, Antonio Strati.
Doctoral Committee: Giancarlo Provasi, Mauro Magatti, Vincenzo D'Andrea.
Title: Tra famiglia e lavoro: il ruolo degli eventi di vita sull'evoluzione della carriera in Italia.
Supervisor: Antonio Schizzerotto
Doctoral Committee: Henri Mari Adam Schadee, Gabriele Ballarino, Ferruccio Biolcati Rinaldi, Cristiano Vezzoni.



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