"Disability has always been part of humankind"

(from "Storia della disabilità: dal castigo degli dèi alla crisi del welfare", by Matteo Schianchi, Carocci publishers, Quality Paperbacks)

The University of Trento promotes inclusion and respect for diversity as fundamental values and as an opportunity for personal growth, mutual development, and openness towards other people's views and opinions. 

Promoting accessibility, equality and inclusion is a dynamic, synergetic and multidisciplinary effort that places the individual at the centre, generating a positive impact on the well-being of people and the organization.

The University of Trento is committed to remove all physical and social obstacles that prevent people, including people with a temporary or permanent disability, from fully participating in education, work, social and cultural activities.

The Inclusion Service of UniTrento offers its expertise to the Student community and the Staff community (teaching and research staff, technical and administrative staff, research fellows, contract staff).