ECIU University is an initiative selected and funded by the European Commission in the framework of European University Alliances of Erasmus+.

ECIU University goal is to establish a genuine university ecosystem where students, researchers, companies, public organizations and citizens come together to create relevant and innovative solutions to solve real challenges with a positive impact on society.

ECIU University creates, tests and evaluates a whole new educational pedagogy focused on three key innovative concepts in higher education: flexible learning pathways, micro-credentials and challenge-based approach.

Since November 2019, 82 challenges and 126 micro-modules were completed, more than 600 learners (degree seeking students, staff and lifelong learners) worked on real life problems, more than 150 teachers co-created learning offers and more than 100 business companies, public organizations and NGO offered their challenges.


Latest News

ECIU University - The new challenges from march 2024

ECIU University Creathon - Build the digital city of tomorrow

Help us build the digital city of tomorrow, from 13 to 15 May 2024 at Linköping University

Harder, better, faster, Smart-Er

The community of researchers of Eciu member universities met for the first time in Barcelona


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The ECIU University project is funded by the European Commission

ECIU University is an initiative selected and funded by the European Commission. 

The first ECIU University (ECIUn, 2019-2022) has been financed under the call European University Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. The second and ongoing ECIU University (ECIUn+, 2022-2026) has been awarded under the call European University Alliances Intensification of prior deep institutional transnational cooperation.


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Other ECIU Network’s european projects

SMART-ER - ECIU University Research Institute for Smart European Regions (SMART-ER) is a project funded under the Horizon Europe programme. Developed within ECIU and coordinated by the University of Twente, SMART-ER aims to develop a new model for research and innovation by testing and validating new models of collaborative research in a virtual scenario, as well as transformative and novel approaches and practices. SMART-ER's research themes run along four main axes related to  UN SDG 11- Smart Cities: energy and sustainability, circular economy, transportation and mobility, and communities resilient to change.

ESEU - European Status for an ECIU University, a project awarded by European Commission, led by University of Twente. ESEU aims at exploring ways on how to achieve a higher level of systematic and sustainable cooperation in Higher Education and the possibility for a European status for European Universities. 

BOOGIE-U - BOOstinG Innovation and Entrepreneurship through European Universities (Boogie-EU) is a HEI Initiative funded project, specifically EIT Digital. Coordinated by UniTrento, Boogie-U involves a group of ECIU partners (and other local actors) with the aim of gathering university’s good practices and developing concrete actions to increase their impact on ecosystems, thus contributing to the EU's efforts to promote sustainable economic growth and its own competitiveness.