The University of Trento condemns the invasion of Ukraine

The first article of our Charter states that our University, among other things, serves as an instrument of human development, democracy and social dignity. Russia's invasion of Ukraine is clearly in conflict with these goals and with the values and principles of our community. For this reason, the Rector, in agreement with the Academic Senate, has resolved to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and to suspend new bilateral agreements with institutions linked to the Russian government. 

The university is a place of encounter that is committed to freedom of thought and expression: suspending collaborations with Russian institutions, for the first time in our history, is not a decision that we have taken lightly, but we will also continue to support the Russian academics who are suffering the consequences of a war they don't want to be part of. 

Fundraising for Afghanistan and Ukraine

Applicants must be Afghan and Ukrainian citizens who have not yet left their country or have already obtained the status of refugee. The donations will be used to fund various types of scholarships.

Opportunities for Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian Scholars

The University of Trento will provide 10 incoming mobility grants to Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian scholars who have applied for or are already holders of international protection in Italy or in a European Union member country, or who have applied for or are already recognized as subjects at risk by Scholar at Risk, and have had to abruptly interrupt their research activities due to circumstances related to the war or the presence of a dictatorial regime.

Each of the grants is worth 900,00 euro per month for a period of 6 months in addition to free accommodation depending on availability.

Until all the available scholarships have been awarded, the UniTrento department of reference will periodically evaluate the requests received and take into consideration the academic profile of the interested scholar and their potential positive contribution to the research activities conducted within the department.

Interested scholars can send their CV to:
Diversity Management
emergenzaUcraina [at] 
scholarsatrisk [at] 

Opportunities for Ukrainian university students

The University of Trento provides the opportunity for Ukrainian students to apply for UniTrento Bachelor's or Master's degree programs and obtain a scholarship of at least 7,200 euros per year in addition to the exemption from paying university enrolment fees. Applicants must be Ukrainian citizens who have already acquired or applied for international protection, or are holders of other residence permits, who are unable to return to the Ukraine and who are already enrolled in a university-level degree program.

All details for application and admission can be found in the attached announcement.

International Mobility Offices
mobility-ssh [at] (area Scienze Sociali e Umanistiche)
mobility-st [at] (area Scienza e Tecnologia)
mobility-cs [at] (area Scienze Cognitive)

Ukrainian students enrolled at the University of Trento can apply for the so-called "150 hours" part-time collaboration opportunities in University offices. To carry out the activities an Italian language level of at least B2 is usually required.

For any further information please contact:
Student Activities Office
serviziallostudio [at]

Appeal of the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI)

Appeals from Russian scientists, professors and researchers against the war

InspirEurope Appeal - Support for Ukraine’s scholars and students

Collecting supplies for Ukraine

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Events organized by the University of Trento

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    Event - A fundraising initiative for the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Trentino RASOM - 27 March 2022

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