Director: Fulvio Ferrari
Deputy-Director: Roberta Capelli

Call for applications for the admission to the Doctoral programme in Forms of cultural exchange and textuality are now available.
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Educational Aims

The Doctoral Programme focuses on the study of both literary texts and cultural phenomena from two complementary perspectives:

  • the study of texts from a historical, linguistic, and philological perspective, with core focus on the process of production, dissemination and reception in different historical periods as well as the range of problems clustered around the interpretations of texts.
  • the study of intercultural exchanges within – and applied to – such fields as linguistics, literary studies, philology, history and history of art, with special attention to cultural exchanges between neighbouring areas, both in a synchronic and a diachronic perspective (Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modernity).

The Doctoral Programme aims to combine these two lines of research so as to provide young researchers with extensive and in-depth academic competence in examining texts and cultural phenomena through a wide range of methodologies which represent different aims and approaches and yet remains open to discussion. 

The Programme accordingly provides training that is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary as well as specialized through the adoption of the above-mentioned perspectives, and this is made possible by the involvement of scholars from the Department of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Trento and other Italian and foreign teachers. Students will also avail of the Digital Humanities services provided by the Department as well as the activities by the departmental research centers: Literary Laboratory (LaborLET), Trento Linguistics Laboratory (TreLinLab) and Laboratory of Ancient Sciences (LabSA).

The Programme offers training on a yearly basis to provide students with advanced skills in the specific fields of literary studies, linguistics, philology, and intercultural exchanges. The course offerings comprise a series of specific seminars. The seminars are run by scholars from the University of Trento as well as by international scholars affiliated with the Department of Letters and Philosophy. Doctoral students are required to take active part in these activities, producing reports and thus honing their research and expository writing skills. The training offerings of the Programme are further expanded by other activities (e.g. lectures and conferences) organised at the University of Trento, as well as those organised by partner Universities.

The calendar and seminar titles will be detailed in the course syllabus. Taught courses cover the following topics:
a) research methodology courses in the specific areas covered by the Doctoral Programme;
b) cross-curricular courses to train students in research skills and communication;
c) thematic and disciplinary seminars;
d) seminars focused on the presentation and discussion of in-progress research projects;
e) courses and seminars at other institutions in Italy and abroad;
f) participation in conferences, seminars and workshops at the University of Trento and at other institutions.

The Programme encourages and supports PhD students willing to pursue their research activities abroad whenever stays at foreign institutions are consistent with the research project.

The Programme also encourages thesis co-supervision agreements with foreign universities.

The international scope of the Doctoral Programme is guaranteed by the affiliation of teachers from foreign research institutions, by educational and scientific cooperation agreements with foreign universities as well as by joint educational initiatives between the Programme and foreign institutions.

Official language: Italian

Duration: 3 anni

Training activities

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