Digitalization of Erasmus+ programme

“Digitalization” is one of the new Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027 key words.

 European Student Card Initiative is a fundamental element of the Digital Education Plan and is designed to promote semplification of all the administrative aspects relating students mobility. 

Within the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), the University undertakes to join the European Student Card Initiative.

The aim is to facilitate mobility in Europe thanks to safe and fast data exchange (overcoming documents exchange) through Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) platform for an easier managemtn of admin procedures both for participant students and Institutes.

EWP is the entry point for Institutions. Every University can access EWP through CE Erasmus+ Dashboard or third part provider or in house system.

The Erasmus+ Mobile App is the entry point for students for all mobility stages, thanks to digitalization procedures by Institutions.

As part of the process every European student receives an European Student Identifire (ESI), a unique electronic identification code recognized among European Universities that let the participant access to digital services in the Host Institution.

All the Universities participating in Erasmus+ programme nominate a Digital Officer, the contact person for the European Student Card Initiative implementation.

At Trento University the Digital Officer is Mauro Ferrari ( [at], Head of Emerging Solutions Office, who works together with colleagues of international, students and IT services in order to achieve the digital goals.

The University of Trento is a member of the national working group of Universities (leader University of Padua) that use the Esse3 provider for some aspects of the digitalisation process. 

Work in progress at UniTrento

UniTrento access EWP through

  • Erasmus+ Dashboard for Interinstitutional agreements exchange (list of the compatible providers)
  • third provider Esse3 for Online Learning Agreement (OLA) exchange. During June UniTrento is testing Esse3 system. In the meantime the exchange of OLA is realized using dashboard as for the agreements.

For reaching UniTrento in EWP, please use the schach code

ESI is authomaticcally issued to UniTrento Erasmus outgoing students.

UniTrento Erasmus students are invited to download and use the ER+ APP.

The financial agreements between participant and Institution are digitally signed: