Almalaurea survey

Almalaurea carries out surveys every year in 71 Italian universities, which help define the detailed profile of students who have earned a university degree.

The Graduates profile survey collects information on the graduates’ studies, their degree of satisfaction with the programme they have completed and their performance.

The Employment status survey explores the transition from university to the world of work and examines the employment status of graduates at one, three, and five years from graduation. The information focuses on a number of aspects of the work activity, in particular the sector in which graduates are employed, the salary range, the degree of satisfaction.

Some remarkable findings are displayed by year of publication of the report, grouped by Department/Centre and, in aggregated form, by programme of study.

Starting from the 20th edition, both surveys also include the comparison of data between course programmes in the same disciplinary area and among different universities in the north-east of Italy, and the comparison of study programmes belonging to the same disciplinary area among the various Italian universities.

For further analysis please visit the Statistic studies and reports section on the website of Almalaurea