Three guided tours to discover the history of the buildings of the University of Trento
Every year this event, which unfolds in one September night, brings us closer to researchers and their world.
The commencement ceremony takes place twice a year in the beautiful piazza Duomo in Trento.
Four days of meetings, conferences, debates, round tables, shows and events between May and June.
1962: creation of the Higher Institute of Social Sciences, that eventually became the University of Trento

The University is  located in  three areas:
In the centre of Trento, there are the Departments of Sociology and Social Research, Economics and Management, and Humanities, the Faculty of Law and the School of International Studies, all very close to each other.
On the hill, there are the Departments of Physics, Mathematics, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Engineering and Computer Science and Department CIBIO
In Rovereto, there is the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science which was founded in 2004 as the Faculty of Cognitive Science, the only one in Italy to focus on neuroscience, a field of study and ground-breaking research, offering interesting insights for future development.

Within the 11 departments and 3 centres of the University, there are 63 degree courses, numerous first- and second-level Master’s programmes, and continuing-education programmes. There are also 1 school offering advanced-learning courses and 15 PhD programmes. 
Research is carried out in the Departments and also in research and study centres, which include the Interdepartmental Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), the Center Agriculture, Food, Environment (CAFE) and the School of International Studies (SSI).

In addition to important research institutes, like the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) and the Edmund Mach Foundation (FEM), Trentino is home to a number of research projects that are carried out in partnership with the University of Trento through centres, joint programmes, spin-offs and start-ups.