May 2018

4,11,18 e 25 Sensi e percezione nel regno animale
(Senses and perception in the animal kingdom) Zoology-Biology Friday
14 Generazione ‘68
Inauguration of the exhibition that celebrates 1968 in the framework of the 1960s, the local context in Trentino and the international dimension, student demonstrations and cultural imagination.
17 University Public Meeting 2018
What does the local community think of its University?
Presentation of the survey, commissioned by the University of Trento, on the value and the role of the University as perceived by the community.
25 EnVision en route to Venus
The mission of the European Space Agency involves UniTrento among the project’s main partners.

April 2018

4 The many faces of breast cancer revealed
A study conducted by a research team of CIBIO and published in “Nature Communications” sheds light on the origin, points of weakness and development of this type of cancer.
From 21 March to 6 June 2018 Scienza a ore sei
Drinks and talks.
13-15 Educa 2018
“Algoritmi educativi. Responsabilità e spirito critico nel tempo delle nuove tecnologie”:through scientific contributions from national experts and scientists and the presentation of innovative practices, the event will propose a multidisciplinary path to better frame the relationship between education, relationships and digital technologies.
27 Trentino Young Scientist Challenge
The final challenge of the project based on the international “Young Scientist” initiative, which aims at bringing middle school students closer to the science world through the methodological approach of “learning by doing”.

March 2018

12-17 ICT Days 2018
The Information and Communication Technology event, with a special focus on the world of work, its evolution and the new challenges ahead in ICT.
14 Career Fair
A day to meet with employers.
15 Winter University Championships
Teams challenge one another in winter sports at Viote del Monte Bondone.
16 Greenweek
Three days of events on the topics of the green economy.
22 "Adalberto Libera" Excellence Chair
The fifth edition of the "Adalberto Libera” Excellence Chair was awarded to the Berlin-based architecture firm FAKT for its innovative approach to architectural and urban design.

February 2018

1 A precision tool to remove portions of DNA
CIBIO has found a way to target a specific region of DNA; the study,  with Anna Cereseto as the senior author, has been published in Nature Biotechnology
8 Five UniTrento TopSport athletes to compete in Winter Olympics
Nadya Ochner, Riccardo Tonetti, Davide Ghiotto, Michele Malfatti and Andrea Pilzer are participating in the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang 2018
9 Inauguration of the Academic Year 2017/2018
The 56th academic year inauguration ceremony at the University of Trento with a lecture on gravitational waves by astrophysicist Marica Branchesi
From 15 January to 12 March 2018 È l’ora di… 
Short classes to learn about library services and resources
23 The Art of Neanderthals 
In Science Advances, an article authored by an international team of researchers including geoarchaeologist Diego Angelucci of UniTrento
26 and 27 Collège de France Visiting Professor at the University of Trento
28 Genome Editing - A Revolution for Science and Medicine
Public conference

January 2018

10 Over 55.5 million funding for UniTrento departments of excellence 
Eight of the ten departments of the University of Trento, selected from among the 352 top departments in Italy, will receive funding from the Ministry of Education and Research. 
19 Open doors at the University of Trento
Presentation of the courses and information on admission requirements, student services, opportunities to study abroad.