Figures about the University

Figures regarding the main parameters of the University (e.g. enrloment rates, registration and graduations) are published on the website National record of students.

For specific requests, please send an email to ufficiostudi [at]

National record of students

This is an Italian ministerial record of all students enrolled in university courses after the Italian reform and the courses created by the Italian Ministerial Degree no. 509 of 1999 and collected annually in the databank of the “Educational opportunities”

Statistics on the international mobility

These figures concern the community student exchange programmes, the inter-university agreements, the programmes to achieve double qualifications, special international programmes. Figures are available in the download folders “Erasmus” and “Double degree - International agreements”.

Data on "Erasmus mobility" and "Double Degree - Bilateral agreements" are available in Italian in the download box at the following page:

Statistics on information systems

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