An excellent result for the University of Trento which is ranked first, in all of Italy, in the category of Italian medium-sized universities.

ANVUR (the Italian national agency for the evaluation of the university system and research) evaluated the scientific production of 133 institutions spread throughout the country, including 95 universities and 38 research institutes.
The University of Trento obtained a higher score than the national average in no fewer than 11 of the 16 research areas considered.

The University of Trento was asked for more than 1,500 “research products” (patents, publications, software) for the evaluation. 72% of these were ranked in the best classes of merit: excellent and good.

More specifically, the areas ranked first in their size group are: Medical Sciences (area 6); Civil Engineering (area 8a); Sciences relating to the Ancient World, Philology and Literature, History and Arts (area 10); Historical, Philosophical and Pedagogical Sciences (area 11a); Psychological Sciences (area 11b); Juridical Sciences (area 12). In the first quartile, areas placed are: Physical Sciences (area 2); Chemical Sciences (area 3); Biological Sciences (area 5); Information and Industrial Engineering (area 9); Political and Social Sciences (area 14).

7 of our departments and research centres ranked first, second or third in the relevant classifications.

First position

Second position

Third position