2022 Student Elections

On 22 and 23 November 2022, elections were held for the renewal of student representatives in the University bodies.


application/pdfOrgani centrali(PDF | 649 KB)
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application/pdfDecreto rettorale approvazione atti e nomina eletti(PDF | 196 KB)

Positions open for candidates (see number in brackets)

Statutory bodies

  • Academic Senate (2)
  • Joint Committee for the Right to Study and the Valorisation of merit (4)
  • Board of Directors of Opera Universitaria (3)
  • Sport Committee (2)

Bodies of Departments and Centres

  • Department Council of CIBIO (10)
  • Department Council of Economics and Management (13)
  • Department Council of Physics (8)
  • Department Council of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (15)
  • Department Council of Information Engineering and Computer Science (8) 
  • Department Council of Industrial Engineering (10)
  • Department Council of Humanities (14)
  • Department Council of Mathematics (8)
  • Department Council of Psychology and Cognitive Science (10)
  • Department Council of Sociology and Social Research (11)
  • Department Council of the Faculty of Law (14)
  • Centre’s Council of C3A (7)
  • Centre’s Council of CIMeC (5)
  • Centre’s Council of the School of International Studies (4)
  • Centre’s Council of CISMed (7)
  • Subject Area Committee - Environmental Engineering (3)
  • Subject Area Committee - Civil Engineering (3)
  • Subject Area Committee - Construction engineering - Architecture (3)

Voting rights

All registered students in good standing with the University for the academic year 2022/2023, and students who are about to obtain an undergraduate degree, are entitled to vote. The bodies of departments and centres are elected by students who are enrolled in degrees at those departments and centres.

Voting will take place online; candidates running for election are grouped into competing lists; positions are allocated based on a proportional representation system (D'Hondt method). The polling system dedicated page, accessible from 22 October, 9.00 since 23 October, 19.00; voters need to login with their University credentials.

The Rector's decree calling the election, a relevant excerpt from the General University regulation, the official list of candidates, and other useful documents are the following.

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of May 2022, took place the elections for the National Council of University Students.


By Rectoral Decree are nominated members of the Academic Senate for the 2022-2025 term:
- Alberto Bellin, Full Professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering;
- Gabriella Berloffa, Full Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Economics and Management;
- Elena Ioriatti, Full Professor of Comparative Private Law at the Faculty of Law Department;
- Alberto Montresor, Full Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Information Engineering and Science.

By Ministry Decree professor Flavio Deflorian was nominated as Rector who will serve for the 2021-2027 term.