The Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Trento was created in September 2005. Its main task is the evaluation and drafting of opinions on the experiment proposals involving human beings submitted by experts and research teams working at UniTrento.

While carrying out its duties, the Ethics Committee refers to the national, European and international framework of juridical, deontological and ethical nature, with a view on pluralism of ethical approaches. It is inspired by the principles established on the basis of the good clinical practice and experiments involving human participants, in particular with reference to the current edition of the Declaration of Helsinki.

The Ethics Committee also aims at stimulating awareness raising initiatives regarding the ethical issues which interest the University as well as the entire community of citizens.

How to request an opinion

All researches foreseeing experiments involving human beings which imply a risk for the psychological and physical well-being of the participants are submitted to the Human Research Ethics Committee.

The request for an opinion may be submitted by the coordinator of the research project - if employed by UniTrento or with a grant/contract lasting at least as long as the project itself.

The coordinator of the research shall submit the “template to request the approval of a research protocol” and all relevant documents, to the President of the Ethics Committee, through the Secretariat.

The request shall be submitted in Italian. The coordinator may choose to also attach the English version.

The Ethics Committee drafted a template for the opinion request and the declaration of commitment to facilitate the submission of requests. The templates may be requested to the Secretariat.

Prizes for degree dissertations

The Human Research Ethics Committee issues annually a Call for selection to prize the best dissertations on topics regarding Bioethics and Bio-law, with the aim of raising the awareness of the students of the University of Trento on such topics.