The Research Ethics Committee of the University of Trento has the main function of evaluating and expressing opinions on research projects involving humans presented by individual researchers or research groups belonging to the University or to affiliated Institutions, which imply risks for psychological and physical well-being of participants involved, and which may possibly also limit their right to privacy and information.

In the performance of its duties, the Research Ethics Committee complies, taking a pluralist view, with national, European and international regulations, codes of conduct and codes of ethics. It is inspired by the principles established on the basis of good clinical practice and experiments involving human participants, bearing in mind the current version of the Declaration of Helsinki.

The Ethics Committee also aims to stimulate awareness raising initiatives on ethical issues for all University members and the entire community of citizens.

A new Research Ethics Committee is currently being appointed; for information on the calendar of the next sessions and the timing of the evaluation processes, please contact the secretariat (segreteriacomitatoetico [at]

Research Ethics Committee forms

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2019 award for dissertations on bioethics and biolaw

The Human Research Ethics Committee launches every year a selection procedure to award a prize to dissertations focusing on subjects regarding bioethics and biolaw, to raise awareness among the University students on the matters it deals with.

2019 Call