The University of Trento aims to promote its applied research, including in collaboration with any third parties. To this end, it promotes the protection of research results and, when it is the owner of intellectual property rights, it takes steps for their valorisation and exploitation.

Research results can be protected by appropriate intellectual property right application. For example, industrial inventions, utility models, new plant varieties, can all be protected by a patent under the provisions of the Code of industrial property rights (Legislative decree no. 30/2005, as amended.); original works, including software and databases, can be protected by copyright under Copyright law (Law no.  633/1941, as amended).

Intellectual property rights give their holders the right to prevent any unauthorised use of intellectual property, sanctioning such use and providing remedies for the damage caused.

With Rector's Decree no. 539 of 22.7.2020, the University of Trento adopted the Intellectual Property Regulation (available for download with the document "Diagrammi esplicativi") which aims to support the valorisation process of the research results in compliance with national, European and international laws.

Field of application: the Regulation applies to Researchers  of the University who have created intellectual property in the performance of their research activity.

University guidelines on intellectual property: the University establishes and implements its guidelines on intellectual property by means of regulations, policies, directives, contract templates, etc., that researchers must comply with.