The University of Trento Patents Regulation (PDF | 90,4 KB) helps professors and researchers patent activity. 
Generally, inventions are patentable if they concern a product or a process which is new,  involves an inventive step and can be used industrially. 

Patentable invention ownership may belong to the inventor, the University or to a funding third party. If the research activity which led to the invention was carried out by several researchers or entities it will be necessary to take into account the related ownership rights. 
Inventors may disclose to the University their patentable inventions;  the University, in case of acceptance, will bear all the costs associated with patent application and filing; in case of licensing royalty payments will be shared with the inventors. 
Applications are evaluated by the Patents Committee which is composed of University professors and fosters valorization in collaboration with Research Support and Knowledge Transfer Division. 

The procedure is divided into the following steps: 

1. Technology disclosure
2. Patent proposal 
 Patents Committee
 Signature of the Patent disclose agreement and patent filing 
5. Patents extension and maintenance  
6. Exploitation and royalties sharing