Rector Flavio Deflorian
Elected member Alberto Bellin
Elected member Gabriella Berloffa
Elected member Elena Ioriatti
Elected member Alberto Montresor
Member designated by the Rector Franco Fraccaroli
Member designated by the Rector Andrea Giorgi
Member designated by the Rector Paola Iamiceli
When including students’ representatives Francesca Grassi
Lisa Schivalocchi

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Tasks and Responsibilities of the Academic Senate - art. 11 of the Statute

  1. The Academic Senate is the scientific authority of the University. It cooperates with the Rector in the direction, planning and coordination of the University’s academic and research activities and, in light of the proposals presented by the University departments and centres, collaborates to the definition and implementation of scientific and educational plans, to the allocation of financial resources and the recruitment of professors and researchers.
  2. In particular the Academic Senate:
    a) drafts and adopts, upon proposal by the Rector, the University multiannual strategic plan, taking into account the remarks contained in the relevant recommendations presented by departments and centres, which are evaluated based on their scientific and educational quality to ensure consistency between objectives and available resources;
    b) submits proposals to the Board of Directors on the establishment and dissolution of departments;
    c) decides on the recruitment of professors and researchers;
    d) adopts academic programmes and every year submits to the Board of Directors its proposals on enrollment limits for degree courses and tuition fees;
    e) defines the criteria and methods that departments and centres can use to self-assess their academic and scientific work;
    f) assesses the level of achievement of the academic and research objectives set in the strategic plan, and the quality level achieved by departments and centres;
    g) has a coordination and liaison role among the departments and centres, also through the Council of Directors;
    h) delivers its opinion on the University’s budget and balance sheet;
    i) on rules and regulations, presents proposals and performs decision making and consulting functions as per articles 23 and 31;
    j) approves the University Code of Ethics.
  3. For the purposes detailed in paragraph 2, point c), the Academic Senate is supported by the Committee for recruitment and career advancement, whose task is to define the general requirements that academic departments and centres and selection committees must satisfy in recruitment procedures and in the assessment of internal and external candidates, especially for a full recognition of internationally respected scientists. The committee also oversees compliance with these requirements. The membership and functioning of the Committee are governed by a specific Regulation.