Representatives of Departments and Centres:

  • Riccardo BONANOMI
  • Federico BRUNO
  • Matteo CARLETTI
  • Selene CASANOVA
  • Gianni DE MICHELIS
  • Andrea FABBRI
  • Mauro GIORDANO
  • Mirco GUERRINI
  • Maria JYATE
  • Giovanni LOMBARDI
  • Giovanni POLETTI
  • Andrea SANTONI
  • Giorgia VALENTI

Representatives of the Joint Committee for the right to study and the valorisation of merit:

  • Alberto MENGO
  • Shoichi YIP

Representatives of the Academic Senate:

  • Caterina GUITTI
  • Masseo PURGATO

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Functions of the Students’ Council - art. 14 of the Statute

  1. The Students’ Council is the body representing the students.
  2. The Students’ Council:
    - comments on the Rector’s annual report on the implementation of the University’s strategic plan; 
    - drafts an annual report on the state and quality of didactics at the University, upon receipt of the annual reports from the joint committees;
    - designates, where applicable, the students’ representatives in liaison bodies and academic advisory bodies; 
    - may request the governing bodies to conduct surveys on didactics, right to study and students services.
  3. The Students’ Council is appointed by rectoral decree and is made up of:
    - the students’ representative in the Academic Senate; 
    - fifteen members elected among students, for two academic years, by the student’s representatives within the councils of academic departments; 
    - two members elected among students, for two academic years, by the student’s representatives in the Joint committee for the right of study and the valorisation of merit;
  4. The Students’ Council elects its President from among its members, as a full member of the Board of Directors.
  5. The election procedure and the Council’s activities are regulated by the University’s regulation. The Students’ Council may approve an internal regulation in compliance with the Statutes and the University’s regulations.