Members for 2021-2025

President Marco Li Calzi
External member Luisa Antonella De Paola
Internal member Alberto Molinari
External member Lorenza Operti
External member Marco Tomasi

The documents, annual reports and minutes of the Evaluation Group are available, in Italian, in the download box at the following page:

Functions of the Evaluation Group - art. 15 of the Statute

  1. The Evaluation group constantly and systematically oversees the University’s performance in terms of organization, research and didactics, and ensures the general quality of procedures while contributing to the improvement of the internal self-assessment system and to the valorisation of merit.
  2. In particular, the group independently drafts an annual relation on the implementation of the strategic plan and on the achievement of programme objectives and submits it to the Board of Directors by May each year.
  3. The Evaluation group consults with the Students’ council at least once a year to obtain its opinions on the quality of didactics and students’ services.
  4. The Group is also responsible for the tasks assigned to it by national laws and the University’s regulations.
  5. The group is composed of five highly qualified members, for the most part external to the University, two of whom at least have to be experienced in evaluation in non-academic settings.
  6. The members of the Evaluation group, and their President, are appointed by the Board of Directors on the proposal of the President of the Board of Directors in agreement with the Rector.
  7. The members of the Evaluation group are appointed for a four-year term, which can be renewed once.