The University of Trento Research Etichs Committee has the main function of evaluating and expressing opinions on research projects involving humans presented by individual researchers or research groups belonging to the University or to affiliated Institutions, which imply risks for psychological and physical well-being of participants involved, and which may possibly also limit their right to privacy and information.

Members awaiting appointment

  • Professor Claudia Bonfiglioli - expert in cognitive neuroscience, psychologist
  • Professor Carlo Casonato - expert in legal matters - Vice President
  • Doctor Guido Cavagnoli - medical examiner - President
  • Professor Michela Denti - expert in biology
  • Doctor Lucia Galvagni - expert in bioethics
  • Doctor Tiziano Gomiero - representative of the population
  • Doctor Claudio Graiff - oncologist, vice president Etichs Committee APSS
  • Doctor Paolo Guarda - privacy expert
  • Professor Niculae Sebe - computer expert 
  • Professor Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri - expert in social methodology