President prof. Dario Petri
Member prof. Claudia Bonfiglioli
Member prof.ssa Emanuela Bozzini
Member prof. Anna Casaglia
Member prof. Loris Gaio
Member prof. Rocco Micciolo
Member prof. Massimo Pizzato
Member prof. Anna Serbati
Member Paolo Zanei
Member Monica Sosi
Member Vanessa Ravagni
Member Nicola Zanella
Member Carlotta Chiaramonte

Tasks and Responsibilities

Ensuring the quality of education is a general objective of the University, which it pursues by strengthening:

  • the organization of the educational process in its fundamental phases: planning, action, assessment, action
  • educational processes intended as demand for education > educational objectives > learning outcomes > employment opportunities
  • connections with secondary schools
  • internationalization and networking with qualified universities and research institutions
  • student participation in quality assurance processes
  • self-assessment as an instrument to constantly improve quality.

The Quality Assurance Committee (PQA) is responsible for:

  • organizing and supervising shared instruments (templates and data)
  • encouraging the training and professional updating of staff for the purpose of assurance quality through appropriate study courses
  • monitoring the proper and smooth implementation of quality assurance procedures within the University, and supporting the management of information flows across study courses.